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Women of Rebetika

The Great Club
106-164 Livingstone Road, Marrickville

Concert with Paskalia

Women of Rebetika is a tribute concert to three iconic divas by Australia’s own Rebetissa, Paskalia. Take k. d. lang’s sultry voice, add Patti Smith’s androgynous punk attitude and fuse it with the power and charisma of Janis Joplin and you get something close to Paskalia. She’ll transport you to the Café Amans of Istanbul and walk you through the back alleys of Athens, serenading you with the songs of Rita Abatzi, Roza Eskenazi and Marika Papagika.  Her soulful vocals tell stories of love, pain, hardship, pleasure and addiction. Joining her are Paddy Montgomery, Kat Stevens and Christina Bacchiella.

Due to the NSW Government’s stay-at-home orders this event has been cancelled.