The Sacred Tree: Olive Tasting Event

Talk & Tasting
According to mythology, the olive was a divine gift. “I will give you a tree”, said the goddess Athena, striking the rock of the Acropolis of Athens with her spear. An olive tree sprung up. “Its fruit will feed you, its leaves will give you shade, and its wood will provide fuel”. As a result the olive tree has been sacrosanct for Greeks since ancient times, it is a symbol of peace, wisdom and triumph.
Join us for a short presentation on the important history of the olive and its role in archaeology and history across the Mediterranean by Dr Tamara Lewit (The University of Melbourne), and a discussion by the Trade Commissioner for Greece in Australia, Chrysa Prokopaki, on the olive in modern Greece’s economy, culture and identity.

Guests are then invited to sample olives and olive produce in a tasting event.


Nelson Meers Foundation Auditorium
Chau Chak Wing Museum, University Place, Camperdown NSW 2050
16 May  6pm –8pm

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