Greek Festival of Sydney

The Political Bee: Human Politics and Apicultural Knowledge in Ancient Greece

Balmain Town Hall
370 Darling St, Balmain
27 Apr  6:30pm

Talk by Professor Julia Kindt, FAHA
This talk explores the peculiar human habit of attributing political qualities to honeybees. By distinguishing a ‘queen bee’ from ‘workers’ we continue a tradition that has its roots in classical antiquity and in Aristotle’s inclusion of honeybees among the ‘political animals’. But why do honeybees ‘need’ politics? And why does human
politics ‘need’ honeybees? The answer to these questions can be found in the contested space where ancient history, political philosophy, and apicultural knowledge meet. The buzzing of the political bee turns out to be a compelling example of the power of classical antiquity to speak to questions of who we are today.

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