Greek Festival of Sydney

The Poets and the Philosopher: Exile and Metamorphosis

Seymour Centre
Cnr City Road &, Cleveland St, Chippendale
20 Apr  7pm

Play by Edward Spence
This Philosophy Play explores through drama the notion of exile and metamorphosis prevalent throughout Greco-Roman History and Culture. It comprises talk by Dr Edward Spence on exile and metamorphosis, followed by performance of an illustrative play, by Edward Spence, of a chance meeting of two poets and a philosopher: the Roman Poet Ovid exiled from Rome by the Emperor Augustus; the Greco-Roman Philosopher Epictetus exiled from Rome by the Emperor Domitian to ancient Nicopolis (Preveza); and the Poet Kostas Karyotakis who though a citizen of Greece saw Preveza as his own exile; followed by Audience participation through discussion.

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