Greek Festival of Sydney

Rebetiko Symphony Concert

City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place, Sydney
21 Apr  8pm


Intenational vocalist: Ifigeneia Ioannou

Conductor: George Ellis

Rebetiko is story telling spanning love, loss, drugs, and heart-breaking refugee tales. Rebetiko has always been the music of the poor and the dispossessed, combining different musical styles of the region and with lyrics describing the joy, the sorrow, and the difficulties of everyday life. Often called the Greek blues, since, like the blues, it grew out of a specific urban subculture and reflected the harsh realities of an oppressed subculture’s lifestyle.

Direct from Greece, Ifigeneia Ioannou will perform the classics from the iconic Rebetiko film by Costas Ferris, and the original music by Stavros Xarchakos. The performance will also feature music by Kostas Skarvelis, Vassilis Tsitsanis & Panayiotis Toundas.


Book at or phone 02 8256 2222

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