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Nyfes, Kores, Gynes

The Cultural Centre at the Castellorizian
2/127 Houston Road, Kingsford
18 May 10am–1pm
18 May 3–6pm
19 May 10am–1pm
19 May 3–6pm
20 May 10am–1pm
20 May 3–6pm
21 May 10am–1pm
21 May 3–6pm
22 May 10am–1pm
22 May 3–6pm
23 May 10am–1pm
23 May 3–6pm

Castellorizian Women’s Traditional Dress: A costume for all seasons 

This exhibition includes photos illustrating the unique dress culture of Castellorizo, which selectively assimilated elements from either the East or the West or both at once. Archival photographs, focusing on the period 1890-1965, will show the garments worn by women on Castellorizo over that period. The myths, charm and origin of Castellorizian dress culture will be enriched by audio-visual material, and a presentation will focus on the history, beliefs and customs of the women who wore them.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 18 May until Sunday 23 May and is open 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm each day. Entry is $10 for adults and free for children.

This event has passed.