Mythos: Ancient Greek Myths

A school holiday children’s workshop

Explore the myths of ancient Greece this school holidays with archaeologists and ancient historians from the Chau Chak Wing Museum as we take you on a journey through the collection of vases, statues and other works of art of ancient Greece.
Throughout the workshops, you’ll be able to:

• Handle ancient Greek artefacts and discover how archaeologists learn about the past.
• Hear ancient mythological stories of gods, goddess and heroes.
• Make your own ferocious monster.
• Help decorate an ancient Greek vase with your favourite mythological scene.
• Explore the museum for ancient heroes, goddesses and gods.

These activities are perfect for children aged 6-12. Parents/guardians are required to stay with children throughout the session.

Adults Free, Children $15 each with registration

Chau Chak Wing Museum
University Place, University of Sydney, Camperdown
15 Apr  10am –12pm
16 Apr  10am –12pm
17 Apr  10am –12pm
18 Apr  10am –12pm
19 Apr  10am –12pm
$15 kids

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