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Museum Kafenio: Game On

Chau Chak Wing Museum
University Place, University of Sydney, Camperdown
10 Apr 12–4pm
11 Apr 12–4pm

Greek games and how to play them

The Chau Chak Wing Museum in association with the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens presents a weekend of Greek games and conversation at the Museum. In Greece the kafenio is a place where people come to drink coffee, to discuss politics, philosophy and their neighbours, and of course to play tavli (backgammon), so join us as we turn the Museum into a kafenio for the weekend. Staff will help you play Greek games both ancient and modern, including tavli. Explore the social and cultural context of board games throughout history, handling and viewing artefacts, photographs and artworks from Greece and around the globe.

This free celebration of games and Greek culture for all the family is supported by The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Estate Greek Cultural Program.

This event has passed.