An Exhibition Of Art By Herk Alexander

An exhibition that transcends time, celebrating the enduring influence of Greek heritage on our contemporary landscape. The artwork of Herk Alexander invites us on a profound journey into the realm of classical aesthetics, celebrating
the idealised human form through evocative narratives in Greek mythology. Alexander masterfully illuminates the timeless essence of classical antiquity with contemporary relevance. His drawings radiate the visual splendour of Greek ideals, infused with extraordinary detail and vitality through his distinctive style. “Muse” provides a remarkable experience through the transformative influence of art, continuing to captivate the human imagination while celebrating the ongoing relevance and profound influence of Greek heritage in today’s world.

Opening Night Drinks with the artist: 7pm Friday 19 April 2024
Monday by appointment only, (02) 9090 2540

(Apart for Mondays by appointment only)

Gallery Herk Alexander
206 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW
19 Apr  7pm
20 Apr  11am –4pm
21 Apr  11am –4pm
22 Apr  11am –4pm
23 Apr  11am –4pm
24 Apr  11am –4pm
25 Apr  11am –4pm
26 Apr  11am –4pm
27 Apr  11am –4pm

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