Face Off: Portraits

A photographic exhibition by Effy Alexakis and Yannis Dramitinos

Photographers Effy Alexakis and Yannis Dramitinos expose not only their subjects, but also themselves and the preconceived ideas of viewers in stunning portraits of the celebrated, the familiar and the previously unknown – the psychological interplay between photographer, subject and viewer is inescapable. Capturing the humour, determination, sadness, tragedy, success, the lived experiences of their subjects, Alexakis and Dramitinos bring their personal interpretive eye into play, confronting their subjects and those viewing the portraits to contemplate their own sense of “self”.

Official opening event Sat 9 March @ 6pm.
All welcome.


Luna Studio Art Gallery
465 King Street, Newtown New South Wales 2042
6 Mar  12pm –6pm
7 Mar  12pm –6pm
8 Mar  12pm –10pm
9 Mar  12pm –10pm
10 Mar  12pm –6pm
11 Mar  12pm –6pm
12 Mar  12pm –6pm
13 Mar  12pm –6pm
14 Mar  12pm –6pm
15 Mar  12pm –10pm
16 Mar  12pm –10pm
17 Mar  12pm –6pm
18 Mar  12pm –6pm
19 Mar  12pm –6pm

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