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Ataraxia and Algorithms

The Greek Theatre – Mantouridion
Building 36, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville
28 May 7–9pm

Philosophy Play with Edward Spence

This Philosophy Play comprises three interrelated parts to explore the question: Who’s in Control? Us or Technology? (1) A talk by Edward Spence on Socratic-Stoic philosophy and its contemporary relevance to technology’s ethical impact on our wellbeing. (2) Performance of the play The Last Freedom, written and directed by Edward Spence, performed by Nino Lo Giudice, Kathryn Koromilas, Wadih Dona, and Aspasia, in which Socrates, a Proto-Stoic philosopher, explores Love, Freedom, Ethics, Happiness, and Immortality, through Plato’s dialogues, of relevance for the technological era. (3) Open discussion with the audience.

This event has passed.