Agapi & Other Kinds Of Love by Luka Lesson

The Ancient Greek types of love are revealed via timeless love stories told in rap and spoken word with live musicians. Based on Plato’s Symposium, Luka Lesson’s Agapi & Other Kinds of Love begins with Socrates telling his friends everything he learned from the mysterious Diotima. The gods then guide us through time and space to arrive in modern Athens, where reincarnations of ancient lovers fall in love (again) amidst a riot. We visit different kinds of love before reaching the ultimate: Agapi. Self-love, erotic love and more collide with statues of Aphrodite, Molotov cocktails and the Parthenon’s steps. Equal parts rap concert, poetic musical & classical history lesson, this production shows us how love prevails despite everything throughout the ages.

Riverside Theatres
Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta NSW 2150
29 Feb  7pm –8:20pm
1 Mar  7pm –8:20pm

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