Greek Festival of Sydney

A Tale of Two Cities: Athens after the Classical Era

Centre For Classical And Near Eastern Studies of Australia
Madsen Building (F09), University of Sydney
1 Mar  6:30pm
Free but bookings essential

Talk by Professor Ian Worthington

After 338 BCE, when Philip II came to dominate Greece, Athens was no longer a powerful, independent city-state. Its democracy was further curtailed two centuries later when Rome annexed Greece into its empire. Yet Athens remained a vibrant city, its people gifted and resilient. Its classical civilization lived on, attracting Romans as students and visitors and profoundly influencing Roman civilization. Culturally, as the poet Horace said: “Conquered, Greece conquered its conquerors”. Post-Classical Athens, then, was not merely a postscript to its Classical predecessor; it was a different but still important city, which deserves to be equally studied and valued.


Free but bookings essential at

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