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A Feast of Music, Dance and Delicacies from Epirus

Greek Community Club
206-210 Lakemba St, Lakemba
26 Jun 7–12pm

The Panipirotic Union of NSW and the Epirotic Federation of Oceania Inc. (Australia) invite you to visit Epirus, that land tucked away in the mountains of Pindos, which was nonetheless at the forefront of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Its people nurtured the idea of the Revolution in its making and continued to play a leading role. From Tsakalov and Skoufas, founders of the revolutionary “Friendly Society”, to the soothing sounds of the clarinet and the region’s traditional delicacies, Epirus has made a special contribution to the Greek heritage. Join us to discover its unique music and superb cuisine.


This event has passed.