Greek Festival of Sydney

About the Festival

The Greek Festival of Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and longest-running annual cultural events.

The Greek Orthodox Community NSW (GOC) is the oldest and largest organised Greek community entity in the country. It was established in 1897 to serve the spiritual, cultural and socio-economic needs of the Greek settlers and their children.

The community has been staging the Greek Festival of Sydney during the months of March, April and May and this year is celebrating 40 years. The Greek Festival of Sydney was established in 1980 by the Greek Community Council, a body representing all the major Greek organizations of the time. It arose out of the Greek Community’s need to express and to maintain cultural and artistic practices. The Festival’s portfolio boasts a plethora of artistic and cultural events including 2-day outdoor festival, film festival (October), theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, folkloric activities, music and cross cultural activities.

The Greek Festival of Sydney is one of New South Wales’ most dynamic Festivals attracting artists from around the globe. The Festival is the Greek Community’s most prestigious event and while its activities focus on celebrating the Greek-Australian lifestyle, culture and heritage, its appeal is much broader. The Festival reflects the multicultural nature of Australia, and aims to promote the Greek-Australian community in a way that invites interest from all members of the Australian community.

Nia Karteris

Chryssa Karagiannidou

Eleni Skarlatou 

George Karantonis, Image Smart

Panagiota Avramidis, Harry Danalis (President – GOC), Ula George, Athanasios Kallos, Themis Kallos, John Karavitis, Vicky Mitsios, Manolis Plantzos, Michael Tsilimos (Secretary – GOC), Dr. Alfred Vincent