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Greek Orthodox Community of NSW


It is with great pride and satisfaction that the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW presents the 35th Greek Festival of Sydney.

Over the 35 years, the Greek Festival has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers to the many events in the areas of music, art, lectures, book presentations, dance and theatre.

The Greek Festival has provided an opportunity for those of Greek background to participate and experience Greek culture enabling them to connect with their cultural heritage and that of their forebears. The opportunities for such participation in our society are very rare.

The significance for us as Greek-Australians of the Greek Festival of Sydney is that not only does it allow us to experience and participate in the events, but in doing so we are helping to preserve and promote our language and culture.

The Greek Festival of Sydney is of course not only for those of Greek heritage but for all in our multicultural society, who we have seen over the years, also enjoy the events presented by the Greek Festival. In this way, we are at the same time promoting and enhancing multiculturalism.

On behalf of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW, I congratulate Nia Karteris and the Festival Committee for their tireless efforts to make the 35th Greek Festival a success.

Nia Karteris

Festival Chair

Greek Festival of Sydney

karteriSince its inception 35 years ago, the Greek Festival of Sydney has grown into a celebration of the deeply significant relationship between Greece and Australia; a wonderful exchange of art, language and culture. The Festival is truly a testament to the multicultural success story that is the Greek-Australian community.

The Festival launches with our lively weekend celebration at Darling Harbour; two days of great food, music, and dance, and a performance by international act Glykeria on the main stage. In the weeks that follow, we will be presenting a program of local and international, emerging and established artists at various locations across Sydney. All of our events are carefully selected for their ability to excite, provoke thought, and entertain, while remaining completely accessible to the wider Australian community.

As always, we would like to thank everyone involved in the success of the Festival; from the organising committee, staff and volunteers to the thousands of people who attend all of the events throughout Sydney. We would also like to thank the artists whose commitment to their craft has enabled this wonderful program to flourish. 

Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister

turnballThe Greek Festival of Sydney is a cherished highlight on our nation’s multicultural calendar – a remarkable expression of Hellenic culture and a tribute to the efforts and vision of festival organisers over 35 years.

I offer my warmest wishes to everyone attending this year and trust you will enjoy a happy and successful event.

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