Harry Danalis


Greek Orthodox Community of NSW


This year The Greek Orthodox Community of NSW presents the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney.
The Festival has been established as one of the most important multicultural festivals in Australia and the most significant festival in the Greek community.
It has over the years presented, encouraged and fostered local talent and has presented such talent and international artists in all areas of the arts, not only to the Greek community but also to all the other communities which make up multicultural Australia.
The Greek Festival has been able to inspire and motivate hundreds of volunteers to take part in the organisation of its many events working tirelessly to make each event a success.
Throughout the years the Festival has enjoyed the wide and enthusiastic support of the Greek community who each year flock to the many events.
The Festival cannot continue to survive unless we are able to make it financially viable, so that The Greek Orthodox Community does not have to incur significant financial losses to sustain the Festival.
Until now we have survived with such support from The Greek Orthodox Community, the support of our sponsors and the support of thousands of members of the community,and from time to time small amounts from the State Government.
There are over 35 events planned for the 36th Greek Festival and I commend them for your enjoyment.

Nia Karteris

Festival Chair

Greek Festival of Sydney

karterisThe Greek Festival of Sydney reflects the rich and diverse multicultural nature of Australia and it has evolved into the most significant and prestigious Greek-Australian community event in NSW.
Now in its 36th year, the Greek Festival of Sydney has played a key role in providing a forum for showcasing a multitude of Greek expressions by featuring the finest Greek-Australian talent alongside the most acclaimed Greek artists in the world today.
This year’s festival includes many highlights and it is with great pride that we present seven events that come to us directly from Greece.

In addition, we are working with many local artists and organisations to present an 11-week-long cultural program that enables us to explore the beauty of Greek culture and celebrate its vibrance in Sydney.

On behalf of the organising committee,I would like to express my gratitude to all of our partners, sponsors and government supporters for their unfading support of Greek culture.
I wish to warmly thank the organising committee, Board of Directors, artists, volunteers and everybody who has contributed their efforts to the outcome of this incredible program.
You are all invited to celebrate and explore the richness of Greek cutlure through our celebration of art, history, music, food and literature.

Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister


The Greek Festival of Sydney is a fantastic celebration of Australia’s Greek community, of our immigration heritage, and of our enduring love affair with great food, dance and music.

As the streets come alive with the sights, sounds and tastes of Greece, I wish everyone a happy and festive event.

Bill Shorten

Leader of the Federal Opposition


On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party I wish everyone partaking in the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney a pleasant and successful celebration.

For all Australians this is a time to celebrate the gifts the Greek community has given us and also a time for us all to rejoice in the rich success of the multicultural society we have built together.

I trust everyone will enjoy the marvellous food, music, dance and culture on show.

Gladys Berejiklian

Premier of NSW


It is a great pleasure to send my warm greetings to everyone taking part in the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney in 2018. The NSW Government has always been a proud supporter of Greece and the Greek community.

The outstanding eight-week program of cultural event highlights the great talents of Greek Australians and celebrates traditional arts, heritage and language as well as their contribution to the broader community.

Whether it is in business, academia or the arts, the NSW Government is proud to recognise and support the many contributions made by Greek Australians.

On behalf of the NSW Government, I thank the Greek Australian community for its commitment to our harmonious multicultural society. I wish everyone involved the very best for a successful and memorable festival.

Luke Foley

NSW Opposition Leader


I send a warm welcome to those attending the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney and I congratulate all those involved with organising this wonderful event.

The Greek Australian community makes an outstanding cultural and economic contribution to Sydney and the state.

I encourage all Sydneysiders to join in the festivities which showcase the very best of Greek culture.

I wish to send a warm welcome to those attending the 35th Greek Festival of Sydney and I congratulate all those involved with organising this very successful initiative.

The Greek Australian community continues to make an outstanding cultural and economic contribution to Sydney and the state.

I encourage all Sydneysiders to join in the festivities which showcase the best of Greek theatre, art, music and hospitality.

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