Abcension by Charles Billich

The 28th Olympiad has Athens destined for a new level of glory and euphoria comparable to the golden god sponsored past. In celebration of this milestone Billich has created 'Abcension', the signature image of The 2004 Greek Festival of Sydney.

'Abcension' is an allegory blending the modern extreme sport of Abseiling with Olympian flight of fancy. This concept paradoxically links Sydney's cultural icon, The Opera House with the mythological Acropolis" says the Artist. "Depicting the most ancient and embryonic of Olympic ceremonies 'Abcension' is complete with the 16 priestesses transporting the flame to its spiritual home in Athens for the 2004 Games".

Billich drew his inspiration for his Athens Collection from numerous themes. These include a fusion of Ancient Hellenic traditions with the ideologies of sporting competition and of noble combatants - of steel will and iron determination focused solely on the coveted prize of Olympic glory. This is juxtaposed with the subtle beauty and femininity of Aphrodite and the spiritualistic lighting of the flame at Olympia by Greek Priestesses as seen in Abcension.

Charles Billich has enjoyed a long and prolific relationship with the Olympic movement spanning five Olympiads for both the summer and winter games. Through his vast artistic repertoire - which includes oils, sketches, sculpture and cityscapes - Billich has successfully blended the individual culture of each Games with the host nations cultural identities to create countless unique masterpieces.

Abscension Features

49 Limited Edition Abcension prints each valued at $1,500 + g.s.t. unframed. Original oil on canvas $27,500 + g.s.t.

The Billich Collection, encompassing Olympic Art for Greece and Beijing amongst a vast array of other subject matter is on display 7 days (9am till late) at the Billich Gallery, 100 George Street, The Rocks.

t: Samuel Lynch 02 9252 1481

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