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Slideshow presentation and talk by photographer and travel guide author Tzeli Hadjidimitriou.

A relationship with Kythera can only be passionate; visitors are enthralled by the scent of wild grasses, the running streams, the stillness of a deserted beach and the steady flight of the eagle. Resisting the ferocious spread of mass tourism, Kythera, enticing and sensual, invites you, through the photos of Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, on a journey of discovery that may change your life for ever.

Sunday 11 March

2.30 pm

Kythera House,  Suite 1, 24 King Street, Rockdale


Bookings: 9599 6998 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Language: Greek and English

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Dancing with the light

Photographs of Lesvos and Kythera

Photographer and travel writer Tzeli Hadjidimitriou shares with us moments from Lesvos, the island where she was born and raised, and Kythera, the island she fell in love with many years ago. Evoking sensations and experiences that derive mostly from nature and less often from the daily human presence, while avoiding the superficial convenience of digital photography the photographs do not simply portray a beautiful landscape; they invite us to hear the sounds of its waters, calm and stormy, to feel the heat of its earth, burnt by the sun, to gaze at its moonlight, to feel the humidity of its forests. 

Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 March

Times:  Tue: 11am-3pm

                Wed-Fri: 11am-6pm

                Sat: 11am-4pm

Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier Street, Paddington


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Whose is this song

A film by Adela Peeva

The tune of a well-known Greek song can be heard in neighbouring regions and far beyond, attached to lyrics in different languages. Adela Peeva traced it through several countries, hoping, she says, to illustrate common elements of Balkan culture; instead, she found it reflecting ethnonationalist conflicts, with different groups making rival claims to “own” it. The film (55 minutes) will be introduced by Eleni Elefterias Kostakidis. After the showing Alfred Vincent will discuss its content, showing, with the aid of YouTube, how the same tune can convey a quite different message. The event will end with a brief QandA.

Thursday 15 March


Greek Community Club, 206/210 Lakemba St, Lakemba


Language: the film is in various languages with English subtitles; the introduction and presentation will be in English.

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Of Zakynthos

Dionysia Mousoura’s Literary Works

Dionysia Mousoura is a well-known first-generation Greek-Australian writer who was born in Zakynthos and lives in Melbourne. Her work has been published in Australia, Greece, America and Canada, and has received a number of commendations and awards. In the last twenty years she has published 8 books (2 poetry and 6 short story collections). The main characteristic of her work is a sese of the vast void of unbearable distance and torturous time.

Sunday 18 March


Greek Community Club, 206-210 Lakemba St, Lakemba


Language: Greek

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To Dentro

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Hellenic Communities

Hellenes have been everywhere! From the shores of Spain to Asia, you can find traces of ancient colonies, conquests, migration and great Hellenic and Byzantine empires. This talk provides a snapshot of historic communities across the Mediterranean, from the ancient colonies to the modern era. We will hear how these communities came about, how they survived and what impact they have had on Hellenism and/or the host country.

The presenters, lawyer and writer Costa Vertzayias AM and documentary maker and journalist Billy Cotsis, have both travelled extensively across the Mediterranean. This event is supported by Beta Bar and Hellenic Club of NSW.

Tuesday 27 March          

6.45 pm               

Beta Bar, 238 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Free. Refreshments will be served.

Bookings: 9750 0440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Language: English + Greek         

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Manos Pyrovolakis poster

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